Saint Aedan CYO Basketball. Pearl River, New York. Rockland County. Saint Aedan's. Orangetown

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Rockland County CYO Rules 2015-16

All CYO Leagues, for Boys and Girls, follow the official High School (Boys) Rules of the National Federation of State High School Athletic Association.

  1. No three (3) point shot.
  2. Time periods = two (2) twelve (12) minute halves – five (5) minute halftime.
  3. In all girls’ division, Rookie, Bantam and Small Fry, the official smaller ball will be used.
  4. The foul line for Rookies, Novices, Gidgets, Small Fry, Cadettes and Debs, should be twelve (12) feet from the backboard.  However, the full key will be utilized to determine the three (3) second violation.
  5. No pressing in the 3rd grade divisions until the last minute of the game and pressing is permitted by the losing team only.  Regardless of the score.  This rule has been added so that he winning team is unable to run out the clock in the back court.
  6. 3rd Grade Only:  3rd grade divisions are permitted to play only man to man defense.  Defense begins at the foul line extended and the top of the imaginary 3 point arc for the defender guarding the point.  Help line defense is permitted at the discretion of the referee.
  7. Pressing is permitted in grades 4 and 5 for the final 2 minutes of each half.
  8. In 4thand 5th grades, defense begins after the ball has been established on the offensive front court.  This means a player must be across the mid court line with possession of the ball either by dribbling or a pass, prior to being picked up by a defender.
  9. When a team is fifteen (15 points) ahead in any game, it will be illegal to use any front court press.  Failure to comply with this rule after a warning may result in a technical foul.
  10. Grades 4-8 only:  When the no press rule is in effect, whether the 15 point rule or the level rule, the defensive team must back up to the foul line extended, until the ball is crossed and settled in the offensive front court.
  11. Four (4) timeouts are permitted during the game.  There will be not penalty for illegal numbers on the uniforms, or for contrasting colors of shirts worn under the uniforms.  Contrasting shirts must be uniform throughout the team.
  12. Dunking is not permitted in any CYO divisions.  This includes both warm-ups and games.
  13. Team players and up to two (2) coaches only may SIT on the bench.  Only HEAD COACH may stand.
  14. No shot clocks will be utilized.
  15. All uniforms must have parish/school name printed on the front.
  16. Bonus situation (1 and 1) begins with the 7th team foul.  Two shots awarded on the 10th team foul.
  17. Players must remove all jewelry and hair accessories prior to the beginning of the game.  Players are not permitted to wear tape over jewelry (including earrings).  Players either REMOVE ALL JEWELRY and HAIR ACCESSORIES or THEY DO NOT PARTICIPATE in the game.
  18. Players are not permitted to wear sneakers with lights, springs or wheels.
  19. A player or coach that is ejected from a game will be suspended one game for the first offense and will face possible expulsion on the second offense.  A written report is to be sent to the Assignor immediately after the game.
  20. Players involved in a fight will be suspended for two (2) games and depending on the severity of the incident, may face expulsion.  Second offense will result in immediate expulsion.  A written report is to be sent to the Assignor immediately after the game.
  21. A coach involved in a fight will face immediate expulsion upon immediate consultation with the Pastor, the Moderator, and the County Coordinator.  A written report is to be sent to the Assigner immediately after the game.
  22. It is the home team’s responsibility to keep the clock and the scorebook whether at their gym or a neutral site.  Parishes and schools are responsible to train adults how to do the clock.  At no time is a minor permitted to be responsible for the clock for any game.
  23. Scorebooks must be filled out with all potential players, both first and last names and the scorebook is be signed by both officials prior to the start of the game.
  24. ENTERING LANE....Players may step in on the release of the foul shot for ALL divisions