Saint Aedan CYO Basketball. Pearl River, New York. Rockland County. Saint Aedan's. Orangetown

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  1. A Catholic player whose family chooses to make a non-resident parish the center of their religious life may only become eligible to participate on the non-resident parish’s CYO team by obtaining the following: 

    1. A letter from the Pastor of their geographic parish stating they are not members of their geographic parish.

    2. A letter from the Pastor of the non-resident parish stating they have been active members of such parish for at least one year prior to the first game of the 2023-24 season. The date of registration with the parish must be included in the letter


Please read eligibility rules BEFORE registering. If you are a non-parishioner that does not live within our parish boundaries you CANNOT register with us. If you are not sure contact me and I will let you know if you can register or if you need to contact the county coordinator to determine where your nearest parish is located

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CYO NY Eligibility Rules

Registration is open to any child who's family are resident parishioners and lives within the boundaries of St.Aedan's.  If you are a non-Catholic you may play for St.Aedan's as long as you reside in the parish boundaries. If your resident parish does not have a spot for your child you must contact the CYO County Coordinator to see if he can place you on a team at St.Aedan's. If we do not have room he will try and place you on the next neighboring parish.  Each team can only have 3 players that are either non-catholic or that do not have a spot on their resident parish. The link to the complete rules are listed below. Please review these rules before registering.


Welcome to the 2023/24 St. Aedan CYO Basketball Season!


We have made some significant changes to the registration system.  This year we have individual registration modules for boys and girls at each level.  Please make sure you select the proper level for your child and note their GRADE IS FOR THE 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR.    


Please read the following then select the proper program and follow the instructions to register.



July 11, 2023 - August 22, 2023


August 23, 2023 - August 29, 2023

Late fee - $25.00



CYO Team Basketball Boys & Girls 3rd Grades

Base Cost          $200

Uniform              $70 (Can reuse each year)

Warm up shirt----$25

Total Cost           $295


CYO Team Basketball Boys & Girls Grades 4-8


Base Cost*          $200

Warm up shirt ----$25

Total Cost            $225


Uniform: We require all players to purchase uniforms in third grade. The cost is included in your registration. For grades 4-8 if you need to purchase another uniform the cost will be collected at the uniform fitting


Clinic Boys & Girls Grades K - 2

Total Cost*          $145


* A multiple child discount of $60 will automatically be applied to each additional child in a family. A $25 Non-parishioner fee will be added for Non-parishioners.


PARISHIONER STATUS:  A parishioner is defined as a family living within the boundaries of St. Aedan’s parish with a child concurrently enrolled in St. Aedan’s CCD program and actively contributing to the support of the parish.


RETURNING NON-PARISHIONERS: Please enter NP1000 in the envelope number section when you register.    There will be a $25 non-parishioner surcharge as in the past. All non-parishioners will be placed on a waiting list. Once registration is complete you will be placed on a team provided there is room on that team.


ENROLLMENT:  Is open to all age appropriate eligible children.  In order to maintain a manageable and high quality program, we will be limiting the amount of players in all programs.  Once the enrollment limit is reached, all subsequent players will be put on a wait list.  We will NOT collect any money from wait listed participants.  Open positions will be filled based on date of wait list registration.


PAYMENT:  You MUST pay on-line using a credit card or PayPal at the time of registration.  


FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: For those needing financial assistance, who are unable to pay or need to pay over time,  please e-mail  with the subject line Financial Assistance, include your name, mailing address and type of assistance you need.  A Hardship Case requires no payment or Pay Over Time for installments. 


REFUND POLICY:  No refunds will be granted after 9/30/23.  A $25 service fee will be deducted from all refunds.


PASSWORD / GENERAL HELP:  Please e-mail and include your name and mailing address.


NOTE:  Parents are REQUIRED to help in the kitchen and/or work the door during the season.  If you have any questions on registration, please e-mail



Girls 8th Grade Basketball 2023-2024

Base Cost: $225.00

Opened: 07/11/2023
Closes: 12/09/2023

Open to: Girls

In Grade: 8 for 2023-24 School year

15 registrations

Boys Kindergarten Clinic - 2023-24

Opened: 09/25/2023
Closes: 12/05/2023

Open to: Boys

In Grade: K for 2023-24 School year

20 registrations 10 open positions.  

Girls 1st Grade Clinic - 2023-24

Opened: 09/25/2023
Closes: 12/09/2023

Open to: Girls

In Grade: 1 for 2023-24 School year

16 registrations 14 open positions.  

Girls 2nd Grade Clinic - 2023-24

Opened: 09/25/2023
Closes: 12/09/2023

Open to: Girls

In Grade: 2 for 2023-24 School year

21 registrations 9 open positions.  

Girls Kindergarten Clinic 2023-24

Opened: 09/25/2023
Closes: 12/09/2023

Open to: Girls

In Grade: K for 2023-24 School year

17 registrations 13 open positions.